Senshi-Kai Goju Karate-Do may cater for students who are inspired to partake in tournament events provincially, nationally and internationally, but this is done and trained completely separate from the system training syllabus. Only tournaments which permits the performing of original, traditional Goju kata’s will be considered for entry into as we will – in no way – alter our proven self defense kata applications for the sake of tournaments. The same applies to competing in Kumite.

The Senshi-Kai Goju Karate-Do organisation is fortunate to have  positioned itself perfectly due to its long standing and well forged personal relationships with major key figures and role players in the martial arts world, by being affiliated to like minded national and international affiliations / federations / organisations who accommodates and values our views on our system & techniques.

These tournaments are therefore available to those students who wish to test their skills in an “adrenalized” fighting environment, but with always keeping in mind, that the #1 Rule is – Karate is for Self Defense only and it will always remain our main objective.

Senshi-Kai Goju Karate-Do incorporates into its proven system various additional self defence techniques from the martial arts and  kobudo (weapons) training, as well as a good dose of quick- thinking and common sense, in order to develop a well rounded martial arts student who will be able to more than suitably defend him/herself in a physical confrontation, if and when such a need arise.

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