Martial Arts Journey - Senshi-Kai Goju Karate-Do Founder

Francois Erasmus Sensei started his martial arts journey in 1984, in Sun Valley, Cape Town along with his sister Razelle in the style of IKGA Goju Kai, in a small, single garage under the instruction of Peter Smit Sensei. The focus was emphasized on Budo / Combat Karate and stamina.

After relocating from Noordhoek to FishHoek, Francois Sensei trained under the instruction of Lindsay Johnson Renshi and attended numerous Gashuku’s (training camps) to train under many Goju senior ranking instructors on a regular basis and also qualified as a Junior Instructor during that time.

In 1988 the Erasmus family relocated to Port Elizabeth where Francois Sensei and his Sister Razelle Sensei continued to train under Graham Abott Shihan and later transitioned to Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate with Graham Shihan for a number of years.

Francois Sensei and his sister Razelle, who trained together from the beginning, opened their own dojo in the town of Despatch in the Eastern Cape and quickly grew its membership to around 60+ students. The brother and sister duo also taught Goju Karate at the Daniel Pienaar High school in Uitenhage as well as at the community hall in the local township of Kwanobuhle in Uitenhage over weekends. Karate was pretty much their “way-of-life”, seven days a week.

They both also participated in provincial and national Goju and All Styles Karate Tournaments several times a year, both earning Western Province and Eastern Province colours.

Francois Sensei also taught Practical Self Defense twice per week while still a scholar at his high school from 1989 – 1992 to female scholars during Physical Education classes.

During compulsory military service, Francois Sensei became part of the S.A National Defence Force Karate Team and also started studying Kickboxing at the time and later years he also obtained his Shodan rank in DMF EFA Kickboxing under the leadership of Adrian Luff (EFA) Sensei and Natasha Crous (DMF) Renshi.

His interest in kickboxing came from boxing with his father as a youngster as his father – Pieter Benjamen (Rassie) Erasmus – was an Eastern Province boxing and champion, as well as a SA Navy boxing champion in his sporting years.

Francois Sensei continued his study of martial arts and through the years have trained in a variety of martial arts systems, including Karate-Do, Shukukai, Kenpo, Krav Maga, Wing Chun Kung-Fu, and Shorin-Ryu Karate to name a few.

Francois Sensei is a qualified, registered and accredited SA Kickboxing Association (SAKA) & World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) International Referee as well as a World Union of Karate Federations (WUKF) Continental Karate Judge / Referee and is still active as a WAKO & WUKF judge / referee to date.

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