Teaching & Learning

Senshi-Kai Goju Karate-Do has 3 phases of learning, leading to a form of “automation” thereafter. The Basics, Movement training, Flow training and Automation.

Phase 1: The Basics – Learning the form
This involves Kihon, kata and bunkai. Beginners learn the basics of striking, takedowns, alignment, body mechanics and to apply classical kata application on a training partner

Phase 2: Movement Training- Improving the form
Students are trained to be fluid in Sabaki, or body movement training. Footwork, hip work, distancing, evasion and combinations are taught. Using an opponent’s force for off-balancing, more takedowns and kumite are emphasized as well as combining defence and offence into one.

Phase 3: Flow training – Perfecting the form
At Shodan level, concepts such as generating relaxed power (like the Chinese idea of fa jin), joint manipulation, flowing movements, mindfulness and Kime (Sports Psychology labels it as “being in the Zone”) is nurtured.

The level after all this is known as Automation
This means that all you have learnt has become a part of you (muscle memory) so much so that when a strike or attack comes, your body reacts naturally to it without engaging the mind. The form you have trained becomes natural, and to the untrained eye, you appear to have “no form as form”.

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